The worst place to be single

The worst place to be single
it does not restricted only to your family's dinner table
Where you are joined by busy body aunties
Who does not stop asking
if you have ever found a good man

But it can be 
In the middle of a perfume store
Where other women start to binge-on 
about whatever makes them smells good to their men

Or in a Saturday night theater that went full-house
Where teenage couple, less than 19
sitting few seats apart from you
sucking faces
so passionately, they are denouncing your adulthood 

The worst place to be single
Is In the parking lot of groceries store
under the daylight and the torturing sun
Where you need extra muscles
to carry the bag loads in your hands

It is also in the middle of a dancing club
Where you bury your head behind another stranger's chest
Seeking for quick comfort
Shyly, admitting your loneliness

Everywhere can turn into a single ladies' nightmare
Even the short walk to your favorite coffee shop
if you are carrying the same bitterness and the same anger
 when you are once again
detesting yourself
configuring, and disfiguring the meaning of a beauty, lovability
only when a man asks for your hand

why bother?

Of course, you for sure, will bother about it
you will walk into the same perfume store for a new scent
( expensive mascara)
then you will walk back into the same club to find a man
who left you his invalid number
simply because you miss a conversation

why bother?

When actually the conversation you need to revisit
is with the one person who stands in the mirror
to gather enough strength for a warrior
because even the knight makes a mistake
of more and more failed rescue attempt
to save your distress
because you need to learn to undone and forgive
because you need to befriend your little voice
you used to ignored
because you have put more attention to other people's stories
that aren't yours

to learn to take two things :
(1) compliments
(2) care for your beautiful self


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