Princess Complex

A little princess grew up believing 
The world was supposed to be her kingdom
Ruled by her monarchy alone
Her favorite hours was the bedtime stories about a knight in a white horse
Saved her from distress

Offered her bigger castle made out of gold
As a return of her everlasting beauty
She had never let her soft hand scarred from hard, dirty works

But how long will you live, princess, for that glory?
Always watching your back for treachery
Always watching your smiles in pictures
Your dress
Your slim hips
Your sagging skins
How long...
Will you live thinking
Of living a life full of danger
When there are paupers sleeping in worn-out rag, a roofless hut?

Will you tell the queen to stop her reign
Remind herself, a mother
not a ruler
not a pair of feet to kiss
Tell her to stop feeding your greed
and not to worry of every single damn thing?


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