A sweet, short homecoming

Do you like to wonder of what you were up to last week, whenever there was something awesome you had experience?  You counted back those amazing day and you said to yourself, "Hey look, I could not believe that we were in Bali last week."

Well last week, I was on walking on Jalan Yap Kiat Seng in Kuala Lumpur with the soundtrack of Begin Again in my ears.  Kuala Lumpur was so peaceful.  I am glad to be back again and meet my friends.  I spent my last weekend to catch Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye performed at Menara TM as well as attending their workshop on Sunday.

Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye Live in Malaysia
(picture courtesy of Phil Kaye's Facebook)

It was like dream come true to see them live in front of my eyes.  Normally, I can only catch them in Youtube.

But most importantly, it is so good to be reunited with the city that has grown me into this person that I am today.  It has given me body of experience and group of friends whose work I really admire and proud of.  So far, totally non-toxic environment, we can just talk about what we love and what we do.

The poetry rangers on workshop with Sarah and Phil!

Actually, I have a plan to write less in internet or social media, because I plan to write more in journal instead.  Oh, anyway I wonder why I tend to eat a lot these days.  It is bad.  I am having another bites of milka biscuits!

N.P : Today I am deeply saddened by the passing of Mr Leonard Nimoy.  You always live in my heart.


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