I have forgiven this city and its round, angleless corners
adjusting into her,
has became the easiest part

Although the map does not lead the way from it used to be
and the next train station will take me to different destination
from the next one I used to remember
But a city is a city
a town is a town
Regardless of the landmarks

Fitting cities to fill the gap of your heartbreak
into your own definition of home and comfort is a no-go
You should reckon no hometown, no mother language to speak
When you were born and raised in different places
But at the end,
you were to live and call every soil you have stepped on a home
a home,
the one you carry on your mind
or in a single backpack
and your language is dialogue with people who matter


  1. Man, your poem is just getting better and better! This one is a favorite :)

    1. Hey Uti, thanks for reading and commenting on the poem! I guess it is just the matter of honesty and avoiding big words... how are you?! Hey, you should check this out this community publish a literary English journal of prose, poems and shorts twice a year. Love to read your piece onboard! I'll ring you once they open submission.

    2. I'm good! Kita ngopi dong! Kan udah sama-sama di Jakarta :D

      Ah yes, Murmur! Aku udah beli hehehe menarik! Iyaa kabarin ya. Aku mau coba ah submit cerita. ^^ Thank you!

    3. Ayuk... aku ngekos di daerah Setiabudi. Kalo mau nulis bareng ayok. Aku ini sebenernya banyak 'utang' ke diri sendiri, cuma males-malesan banget haha. Ah iya, thanks aku lihat purchase order kamu. I'll contact you to whatsapp if anything ya.


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