Bye... January

I am so getting over post over post that says "Hello (insert month here) please be a good to me."  I mean how motivating is that really?  Nothing good will ever happen if we do not start doing what we have planned... and again, I am not the best person to dictate as I am still trying hard to make everything happened.

Because I no longer have a journal.  Although people say that writer (aspired or inspired) should carry a notebook with them, but I do not feel like writing on a notebook so I do not have one.  Instead, I used my Path, a social media account as my notebook.  So my intimate friends know instantly what I have thinking and feeling, sometimes I feel sorry for them for adding me as their Path friends.  But any how...

At least in January there are good things coming.  Before I forget everything let me recap it here :
  • Having to travel to Tanjung Puting
  • Having to have my first poetry reading in Jakarta
  • Joining the murmur house as one of the editors
  • Having my articles published in QRaved
  • Having to have a real muay thai practice and buy an awesome new gloves
  • Having to spend days with my mother and brother....
  • I produce many ad scripts, so annoying... but at least it means I am actively writing and I hope it is getting somewhere, not ended up on a chopped board of client's approvals.

All in all it has been a good month.  And scholarships are open for chaseeee... I should be more discipline.  Because I keep on telling myself to at least publish one book of poetry, and continue to write and develop current story... but failing to do so and instead blaming the ball to the hectic life of ad agency.  

And I just cannot stop criticizing people on Path.  I mean the way people share shameless thoughts, pictures... and sometimes it irritates me, so I post shameless long post mainly about feminism, particularly on why women rely on men when they can work and have their life independent together, because mainly that is my responses to what what I call "shameless thoughts and pictures".  I mean it is not for all citizens and netizens but mainly to female, who... you... know... thinking marriage is the solution of all problem, including money.

Harsh, I know.  Partly, because I am still single as well, so the words are getting rowdier, raunchier.  But hey no apologize, it is unapologetic!

I feel like I am turning into female Bukowski, but then I realize, I cannot claim that way.  I mean I am getting just being unapologetic about my bitter sarcastic voice in social media.  So let's see will I learn humbleness the hardway or people start to agree with what I say....



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