The Last Post in 2014

First of all, I really force myself to write this post.  But that's the thing with me.  When I am so caught up with work and other stuffs, I get an inspiration to write something for my blog.  Like "Oh, hey... this will be great for New Year Post, better write the idea down."  But the day I need to write them... I lost the mood.

But hey, so we are down to the end of 2014.

It has been amazing year.  I actually had a low expectation on how 2014 could be.  Because I knew, the worst thing that might happened by the middle of the year was me, packing my bags and leaving Malaysia.  So it did happen.  It was very emotional at first, but now I do not feel as much as emotion. I think I have gotten over it.  Jakarta is a great place, but I really wish to have a life outside my homecountry.... Because who wants to live in this city forever?  

Honestly, I think that I complain a lot about stuffs.  I have grown tired of complaints.  Yet still complaining.  I have also grown tired of people who complain about stuffs instead of doing things for themselves.  There is saying, or a thing that says, your circle is the reflection of you.  Well, my circle mostly a bunch of 20somethings who are trying to find their identity.

This year,  I have met so many people.  It is very interesting.  I have new friends from all over the places.  It is so cool.  Those I met in poetry club, those I met from social media/blogs, those I met from friends...  and high-school friends that I haven't had seen in a long time

Anyway... one resolution for 2015 is just to shut up and be more thankful.  Of course, writing a full fiction book is not a resolution but a life goal!  I wish to be disciplined, smarter and wiser next year. What could I ask more... 2014 is like a comprised year of two.  It is full of ups and downs.  It is annoyingly beautiful.

I would like to take a chance to send my sympathy for flood victims in Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand, especially those in Kelantan, as well as my condolences for the passengers of QZ8501.

This will be my last post in 2014.  See you in 2015!

In case you look for me, I'll be in Tanjung Puting, playing with orang utans!  (No, I am dead serious)


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