The 3 Words you See in 2014

The Viral Image

It's December!  Must I say that how time really rolls up so fast?  How is your year?

I began 2014 amazingly.  Watching fireworks over the sky of Ho Chi Minh City after a strange but entertaining New Year Event held at the harbor.  I still remembered the congested crowd after the count down and a BK fries I bought to satisfy my tummy.  I am forever grateful of such experience.  Backpacking to Southeast Asia with friends, some are new friends from distant countries.  I have never expected that I am finally okay to open up for a new experience.  Because I am not 24/7 cool kid.  I am just a totally ordinary kid who wants to make things happen, and sometimes desperately.

I remembered 2013 was the best year so far.  I thought to myself, "Okay, this is it!  What can come better than 2013?"  I mean I was volunteering at writer's festival and meeting fabulous artsy individuals then I joined the gym.  It is probably the most overrated thing on earth, gym!  You spent 12 years ( for Indonesian ) to really exercise during your P.E but then you spend more money in your later time on the gym because you want to get in shape.  It is so overrated, but at least, finally I ( Ayu Meutia) get her lazy ass off and commit for a 6-month program ( it was supposed to be 12 ) which for me, is a tremendous achievement and most importantly I had a good time exercising.

So, yes, then came 2014...

When the year starts I find a viral picture ( as seen above ) about 3 things that will come into your life in 2014.  I was actually skeptical but I tried it for the sake's of fun.  LOVE, BEAUTY and YOUTH were the first 3 things on that particular eye-test.  ( I called it eye-test, I still do not find it eligible yet )

Came across those three words suddenly the image that flashes in my mind was the image of young people ( those on tumblr ) partying with their floral headdress and crop tops, which is very liberating... and very unlikely me. 

So, are those words any less true?  It sounds like a fun year though.


How do you define love at the first place?  I do not want to be naive.  I do not want to say it is the love from family and friends.  The love from within.  Blah blah blah... but that does not mean that is any less true and important.  But I am here to talk about the obvious kind of love.  It is the love you get from attraction let it be physically and emotionally.  The kind that makes you anxious but good at the same time.  Yes, this year I had plenty misadventures.  I meet new people.  I meet people from past.  Some remain, some have changed.  Some are in new relationships, some in their old relationship ( why ?) But yeah, I think, I spend more times with opposite attraction this year.  2014 my love journey was surprising and shitty still, because it leaves me with empty-handed at the end.  I met different personalities along the way.   Seriously, I do not want to be rude but it is seriously a wide range of personality. I bet they will make a fun circus  But I believe, it is just the way to find him.  We are pulling each other closer each time we are making mistakes and stranger yet new experience.


Do not ask me first thing about beauty.  For I have bleached my hair and dyed it in blue and purple.   Actually I have lost 5 kilos and gained them all back again. Haha.  Thanks to the gym.  But here I define beauty as confidence.  Like Lena Dunham said, "with confidence you can pull everything off, even tavas socks." I do not know what the hell are tavas socks but I am pretty sure that they are damn ugly.  Yes, I faced transformation of beauty this year, but one thing does not change from my beauty perception and belief is that... you do not stop a girl from dancing or wearing what she wants to wear.  Even though, she does not fall in your standard description of beauty : a bit of weight, darker skin, too-much make up and skin... Let her be. Yes, many things can change the way a person look, but none should change the way a person feels...


I am 22 year old, I know I am young now but I am growing older by days. Hence, when I saw "YOUTH" was amongst the three words, I was like, "what could this possibly be?"  I guess youth here means a state where I face many bumps in emotional roller coaster.  Most of the time, the road in front of me are dimmed. I guess I am still searching for what I want, I might be hurting the closest people to achieve that.  Youth here simply means a juvenile, selfish acts that I have done.  But I guess it happens to everyone in their youth.  Youth here is discovering new things.  I started this year with writing much much poetry and meeting minds alike.  Opening up to new experience.  Youth might also means starting a new venture.  Moving from the city I love, Kuala Lumpur, into the city that I avoid at most, Jakarta, is a major transition.  I have never thought that I could come home this soon.

By the way the last word I see.... is intelligence :D

I wonder what will I see for next year. 


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