6 Verses of May

May your courage be bolder than your fears
No matter how many time life disappoints, I hope you leave an empty space for faith and make-believe
May you know how to dwell long enough on your pain before raising up again, twice stronger than before
May you feel the butterflies after awful heartbreaks. May you marry the person who loves you
May you forget about wealth before you have discovered your worth
Count it by the times you draw a smile on a person's face
By the times you push limits
One fight to another
Count it by your resillience
By the moment you feel unappreciated
By your anger, your sadness
Make a room for forgiveness
Because, when no one else can see it from you, make sure to give yourself a pat on the back. Because who else will?
May you find your passion
May you always find effort in correcting and loving yourself, all at the same time


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