Citra Pariwara Awarding Night 2014

"Even amidst fierce flames, Golden lotus can be planted"

The above is a poem written on Sylvia Path's tombstone.  Whenever I feel down, the quote does not fail to motivate me.

The Crowd
Last night, I attended the most prestigious awarding night of Indonesia's Advertising :  The Citra Pariwara Award.  I have been in the advertising industry for 2 years.  Having to start a career in a small BTL agency in Kuala Lumpur, I know nothing about what Indonesia's Advertising or Multinational Advertising in general looks like.  The drive.  What makes these "anak ahensi" survive overtimes 5 days a week and even if necessary, on weekend too.  This awards makes them all feel appreciated and make all the hardworks noted.

I feel the pressure of working in Advertising in many ways. Having to work with a difficult account with many ridiculous limitation is tiring enough. My energy has been soaked up.  I, personally, have thought of giving up.  Given work under tight and demanding supervision and lack of creative process.  Given work that prioritizes on delivery rather than the creative process. I think I should thrown everything away, have taken career in corporate ladder anyway.  Working 7 to 5, good benefits and have a weekend life.  Yes, I am that close to give up.  But looking around, I was surrounded by creative people and their voices.  And I realise that, there is still a place for someone like me to feel belong and accepted.  (Someone like me, translated as someone who has short attention span and a drive to dream large, larger than my body, John Mayer said) Maybe I was just assigned to a wrong account.  The awarding night is like the glimmer of hope, the light of the tunnel, the resurrection of motivation, the reminder that HEY, AYU... THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE HERE FOR. 

Looking back, the day I was an AE.  Non-creative department.  I have always dreamt of being a copywriter.  I remembered the days I look into each of every 20something LinkedIn with the mention of "copywriter" in their profession.  I wish it could have been me.  Even if, it means that going back home means a greater chance to start a career in advertising as a copywriter.   Now, thankfully, I am a copywriter.  Although, I still need to learn more.... IN THE RIGHT ACCOUNT.

I do not mean to be picky though.  But yes, I think everybody deserves to have their own choice.  No matter how young they are.  I think we deserve to find the right employers.  The one we can grow with, the one we can discover and mould our potential with.  The one we can dedicate to at the end.   But some employers think about their business, they do not like to waste time for someone who is still having desire to develop and learn.  They want you to come as 'professional' takes orders and gets the job done because we are technically being paid to get the job done.  Some just do not have the patience.  Well, it is business.  But as my Managing Director said in his speech at the 1st day of Citra Pariwara Seminar... "Yes we all are screwed up over a thing called business, but then it should not stop us from being creative and awesome!"

Of course, as the writer of this (rarely visited) blog, I should create the impression of being positive. But heck, I am not mainstream.  I admit my flaw.  Right now, I am writing from my vanity / working desk thinking about my MD motivational speech (I have not yet to share a word with the MD in the office, how embarrassing)... trying to feel OK.  Like the way I feel OK after a short break of plank and Muay Thai practice.  I am trying so hard to believe that there are no waste of what I have been going through until today.  All the ache, all the pains are not for nothing.   There should have not be any person that can tug you down.  Let it be your ECD, your sour-faced AE, your own mother, your father... Whether you have a boyfriend or you are still single...  Sometimes you have to be strong on your own, because who else will believe in you, if you don't.  

More on the awards....

Held in Epicentrum Walk on 28th November 2014 from 4pm onwards, I know it was one hell of an event after I smell beer, light flashes and bouncers. 

It is exciting to see faces behind big creative ideas.  Narrada Communications received awards for the presidential campaign for Jokowi "I stand by the right side".  Leo Burnett ran in 2nd place for Top 5 ad agency, as well as earned awards for the best media agency and the best digital agency.  I love their radio craft for Tempo Scan for Neo Hormoviton.  They won Gold, thanks for the orgasm sound effect.  Sex really sells.  Anyway, still a good idea. 

Lowe won the best agency of the year. Congratulations!

(Before the lights hit the floor, and everybody turned to be dancers)
My agency itself, won the 5th place in the Top 5 Ad Agency of the year.  I did not think I contribute to the achievement, since I had only joined the agency for 3 months since September.  But being in the awards and being around my co-workers that night, I feel motivated again.

See you next year, anak anak ahensi!


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