Chef : (again) a personal review

For half an hour ago (and one urgent working message that follows), I was in theater.  The movie "Chef" was coming to an end.  At the end I was in awe.  I wanted to keep this post as short as possible, because the movie is so inspiring... I cannot wait to begin what I need to start.  I relate so much to the character Carl.  We both have big dreams, but with pressure around us, our emotional and mentality cannot keep up with that level yet.

In the end, I believe that when we sincerely opens our heart into people around us and allow ourselves to make the best decision, no matter what everybody else is thinking... everything will follow.  Saying is much easier than doing.

I am really motivated to be independent after I watch this movie.  This is not about me, avoiding challenges ahead, but this is me deciding to be happy.  Why postpone things when you can actually do it now?  It is also important to take pride of you are doing.  You cannot be Masters of all but you can really perfect your passion, trust your gut, cancel your doubts and others foul words... do whatever you want.

This post is short and ambiguous... because I really need to start on writing.  So, ciao!


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