Weekend & Hacking

I do not know how to be around on weekend anymore.  I remembered getting up rather early Saturday Morning when I was in KL and just jumped the LRT, making my way to Tous Le Jours and/or hanging around at KLCC Park.  Right now I feel like I am stuck.  But mall is visible from my bedroom, but I just have no mood to go around.  Somehow I am losing my appetite for adventure. What have I done? They say do not regret your decision but I still think that my decision to move out of KL was not well-made.  Although I felt sort-of relief but maybe I just needed to try harder to make living there was possible, I guess... but how much should I try.  But I do not know maybe I have been here than less than a month, maybe it hasn't kicked me yet.  Maybe I was defying something here... I really do not know.  After all, I am looking for a place to call home, even then KL was not enough to be called home, but it was close...
 My Facebook Account got hacked!

I am so pissed.  The hacker had benefits to my account.  I was told by my friend who was suspicious of a message that I sent her.  I was asking for a phone credit of Rp 100.000 but luckily she was smart enough to think it was not me.  But unluckily, that bloody bastard had managed to fool my other friends and gained benefit from them.  That really made me angry.

Not only that he made money out of the fraud, but what he had is my connection.  Facebook is the way I keep my connection to friends in Malaysia/Ubud/anywhere else and that man had blocked me to access all of it.  That was really a real loss for me.  Anyway I hope I can gain access in no time.

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