Sapphire's Wish

Do you know that September birthstone is Sapphire?  I remembered I was on the top of motor taxi in Jakarta.  On the way from the train station to home.  I was a bit of a princess, but it was for the best. Other than in Malaysia, Singapore, HK, or anywhere else I have ever been to, I have never really travelled by public transportation in Indonesia.  The first and foremost, is always the safety concern.   My mother always makes me worry by her thought of worrying me living in Jakarta.  She insisted that I needed to take taxi everywhere I go and I have to select the taxi drivers carefully (like how?!) Being immobile, not knowing how to and where to go, kills me...  then without hesitation, I develop a gut to take public transport in Jakarta.  It is kind of something, me traveling with Busway and KRL. I did not use to be so dependent to Indonesia's public transport.

All I am saying is that... this is all an experience.

Being in Jakarta, the capital city of my homecountry, is exciting.  I am now living in the city.   Not only visiting for short trip or holiday.  I become the part of it.  I have became the part of Kuala Lumpur.  I have not seen everything, but I have seen a lot.

Therefore on the top of the motor taxi, a thought came across...

If only I was given a three wishing stones.  I would not want to ask for other 3 more.  Because it is a form of cowardice and indecisive action.  The riddle wants you to explain the three things you want the most when you are given a chance....

So here is my first

I want to be able to capture every image with by my eyes like a HD print-ready camera

Okay this is a long wish and I am careful of the choice of words I am using or else it will be another new wish that makes the second.  The reason behind this wish is because I think that I have seen interesting images and events that I wish I could have recorded the moment I spot it.  Sometimes, camera makes me awkward.  It will takes seconds to take it from your bag and another second for you to capture, before a person snatch your camera.  I find camera inconvenient somehow.  Beside, nothing captures perfectly like our eyes.  There will be still a flaw with human-made photography.  It is just that I am afraid to miss moments.  The other day, I saw a busker in  Javanese costume dancing under the crossing bridge.  It was beautiful, but unfortunately I had a bus to catch so I could not snap a picture.  The same thing, when I witnessed passengers crossing over the rail track at Jakarta's station.  It was simply an awe moment for me, but I did not want to seem awkward or rude the passengers (because at the end, I am crossing the track as well, no choice) by taking their pictures. So I just let the moment pass... although the moment was new and it felt like a discovery.

I believe, some of you now, thinks how careful my mother has raised me... yas I am a clean-cut princess. I used to.

The second wish is

The ability to teleport

Hell yes! Science fiction wonder!  No, seriously.  Everywhere you go, don't you kind of wish to skip the travel (unless you are traveling by train to Kashmir, India or Tibet) and just be at your destination?  Traffic wastes time.  We could allocate those times for something much better and productive.  Unless you are comfortable at writing and hanging on the train handle at the same time....

Speaking about sci-fi acquired ability, I am thinking of time travel although it would seems like cheating though... don't you think?  You'd miss the element of surprise and you'd feel much regret, going back to time, hoping to alter what you had missed....

I am saving the third for last

The Naked Soul


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