A new beginning : What is it like to be back for good?

Hi everybody, I hope you are doing fine.

I am going to talk about my new life here in Jakarta.  I have been asked a lot about, "why did you go back to Indonesia?" I like to answer with "visa problem", which is true but of course it is my conscious decision as well.  I realise, as an Indonesian I will have much opportunity in Indonesia rather staying in Malaysia as a foreigner.  Many rules I have to compile.  I am also looking for bigger opportunity and responsibility as a professional.  I thought, living cost in Kuala Lumpur was ridiculously expensive.  My salary was almost gone half only to cover the rent.  I thought in Jakarta, there will be options of price range.

I do not really have expectation when I decided to move to Jakarta, except two things : Transportation is gonna be chaotic and I will have lesser pay.  They are true.  But something that I can compromise.  We have ojek, the most efficient transport in town (but can be as expensive as riding a taxi) and regarding the pay, it is OK, hardly survive yes, but I can't (shouldn't) complain because I know how much averagely a director pay a young exec here.

I do not have any expectation, but I roughly speculated.  So when I looked around for indekost (Indonesian word for rent room) I was shocked to know how ridiculously expensive they are.  I am looking around Sudirman/Kuningan Area which is the center of Jakarta.

Okay let's go

 My previous rent was RM 750 which is Rp 2.2 million and I have already got all the luxury, close to city center, near to LRT station, I could use the gym and other facilities as it was already a city apartment.  I thought that RM 750 was already expensive, considering I paid for only RM. 500 - 615 something while I was in Cyberjaya.   But man.... 2.2 million rent in Jakarta (Kuningan/Sudirman) area looks so sad.  Okay, it is known as the it district in the city but I left with no choice.  My parents were worried thinking me going back and forth to BSD and to the city everyday... while I actually did not mind.

I used to travel between Cyberjaya to Kuala Lumpur, and you did not know how much I wanted to go home early.  I felt easily tired at the end of the day.  However, so far, when I am in Jakarta... whether staying in the city or BSD, I feel energised.  I have no complain to wake up early and eventhough I have to stay overhour (office hour ends at 5.30 but never left at that time since day 1) I am still enjoying the office.  It does not feel like working, but of course there is still pressure, but I do not know I am enjoying it s far... Thanks for welcoming colleagues and open office plan and of course people I had met before that gives me much interesting interaction so it helps my social skill as well haha... no seriously... I am not a social butterfly... I am glad I do not make things much awkward that I used to.

This is my message to Indonesian students or expats who are hesitant of the thought of leaving for good... maybe our situations are different... but Let's not afraid

Maybe you have family to support and you are looking somewhere else for better pay... it is fine
Maybe it is your family that pressure and expect you to be overseas to get (the idea of being) successful
Maybe it is your pride that commands you to stay no matter what

I do not want to judge, though I have already been judged of my decision to leave for good... but let's look at your objectives of your every decision.  Sometimes we fight too much for making things to stay the way we want. But accepting is much more powerful than showing resilience and endurance. Because how long we are going to endure?  At the end, everything comes to the end, and we are gonna waste time for something not worth fighting for.

Some say, giving up is the act of the weak... but think about it, accepting is the act of those who are strong, brave and smart.  There are many people out there who would like to win, but afraid the fact of losing.  If we have the courage to accept loss... we are already a winner..

That is all what I am saying... I'll be late for work.

But yeah, it was not like having a thought of missing KL and wanting to go back because of all the convenient, life and friends I am missing... I was having the thought intensely.  But I choose to live by the present, just enjoy what we have, no point of going back... so make the best out of what you have.

If you are staying somewhere you love, then enjoy.... if you are coming back home... then... welcome

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