So you found your good friend. Lying on the cracked pavement. 
Her eyes , hollow. 
Her limbs, crooked and broken. 
Her mouth, blood-dripped
Her eyes, wide-open
You knew her
She had never missed a smile in her life
She sat in front of you and passed all the exam answers
Whose notes you used to borrow with handwritting you remembered so well 
Cuz they were just like computerized block-letters 
You would not copy from anyone else’s but hers
So, you heard she did fine after school
Made it through graduation
Secured a job
She did fine after all
But you wondered 
why is she laying in front of you, 
Lifeless and suicidal
Like the world had failed to understand
All her thoughts had never been so unsafe
Turns out she had a plan to bury them all
after all
In good time
You just could not guess
When one’s lips were too timid to say she was too tired of many excuses
To say that she was a lost believer in faith
Too late for a rescue


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