On How To Cope

Recently the tragic passing of a versatile comedian, Robin Williams, has sent us to a deep despair and grief.  It is easy to judge someone as weak, because you never know what is the battle that is going on inside their heads.  We all have problems, but we have no idea how bad it is and how it happens.  Suicide is in fact, seems like an easy way out but it is such a great deal of shame.  I am saying this not because I am simply ignorant to the fact, but I acknowledge that it exists somehow.  Somehow how we wish we are getting stronger each day, but we wake up defeated. When we want to tell a story but none is there to listen.  They are just sailing away.  And you are getting even sicker by the thoughts that develop in your head, sicker by yourself, how are you not getting anymore stronger and instead wailing on your every effort.  Sometimes all you need is something greater than the sun... A support.  A collective place where your thoughts are secured and they do not judge you for who you are and what you are.  A place where no one blames on your every decision.  To make you accept and understand, life is fucked up and it is not your fault.  It is not your fault.  It is never your fault.


P.S : There are many things I would like to talk to but anywhere feels unappropriate


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