Friendship Bracelet

I am still trying to understand
Why this bracelet feels so comfortable on my wrist
Even though the string has pressed and left mark on my skin
I am wearing it proud like a medallion or a wedding ring
You have flown me to the moon
When I thought I was built for greater height
But I am falling like droplets of stars to your mighty Earth
You are ready with your open arms on the ground
Preparing to take my surrendering weight
Because you knew, I was about to crash
You knew me like an unnerving sound of a mid-flight emergency
You knew me like an Iceberg collides with a sailing ship in the wide ocean
Alarmed, you caught me before I hit the bottom
But something about the fall have made me wounded in unseen places
When you skip stone in the river
The surface of the water will repair itself after the pebble sinks
I cannot help to feel bad, because I meant to feel bad
But it is nobody's fault
I was never built to greater height
I was built with a large heart with scattered signals
Which were fired to many different courses
To a senior in school
To a man whom I once shared a bus with
To a man who left me like a strayed boy-toy
To a friend
I am just glad that I have you on the ground
Even my body is still shaking from falling
But at least I have my bracelet on
Each stitch made of friendship
I am wearing it proud like, Us.


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