The end of June

There comes a time
When the world stops being a pleasant playground
When the lost pieces are nowhere to be found

It is the end of June and the start of the fasting month.  I wish everybody who celebrates,  Muslim brothers and sisters, in a good mental and physical health to fast.  I hope we take the meaning of fasting month, not as a body cleansing but for spiritual cleansing as well.

Above there, is one lousy opening line of an unfinished poem...

I admit, maybe June is not my month.  I admit, I am becoming more irrelevant. I admit, it is kind of shameful to tell this out loud.  But we all do experience this in a point of our live right?

I watched "It is a Kind of Funny Story" at the first day of Ramadhan, as I was waiting for the break-fast.   It has been my go-to movie.  I feel related to the main character, Craig.  And I notice, why are most of male characters portrayed by having anxiety problem from Sexual Attractions, Reputation and Image.. So what I mean is, woman get the same problem as  the guys too.  I always feel like something is not quite right with my life.  Maybe I was exposed to an open environment where there are many talented people out there, so I think, it is time for me to catch up.  As if I am missing something.  The movie always works for me, but not now... especially when I found out the author Ned Vizzini took his life on 2013.  It was very heartbreaking.  

I really do not know what to say.  What do you do when you think everything fails?  When you cannot stop making pressure towards yourself?  Would you stop and observe everything around you and be thankful... because I did, am I doing it the wrong way?

Anyways,  I just have a lots of feelings.  I hope I am strong enough to handle it....

Meanwhile have a nice evening!


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