Wake up 22
It is a great Sunday in June let all the sunlight shine you through
Feel your fingers moving
Hear the beat of your heart pounding
Every happiness you have not yet to receive is borrowed
Every laugh
Every dream
Every kiss
Every hurt
They shall be returned to you in time

That is right, 22
It is great to feel selfish
To speak your minds and hearts out
But remember, even though your eyes are wide
They are not big enough to capture the entire landscape of life

Sit down and listen again 22
To every flex of your muscles
To all the beauty of colorful visions ensnared
Be thankful of what you have witnessed and experienced
But the road is long
You do not stop here
I know you will not
You will run and carry on
To find better place and arms to rests on... that is you

Imagine the day you turn 32
With your new family
Looking back to the days 10 years from now
All the struggles be paid
And you are living like no one else in the world
Because you have claimed your place


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