From Daughter

I wish we can switch hearts
I need to know how heavy yours has sunk
Mine carries a hefty anchor
It tugs me down to the rockbottom
Tearing the surface
Until part

I wish we can switch minds
So you can read me like your bedtime stories
Though all pages have not been written
Understand my aspiration
Help me to embrace the sweet side of the pain
I am not afraid to dance in the rain
Progress does not come in a hurry

I wish we can exchange hearty conversation
Forgive my poetic side, but I regard soft-spoken words
Rather than ensemble of noises
Empty your mind, lend your ears
Save your energy for latter peace
Sorry is not a humiliation but humility
Say thank you is necessary

If you want me to collect the fruits
Do not feed me from the basket
Instead show me the tree and ask me to climb
I will find my own tree and gather my harvest
Yes, I will make mistakes
I will need to climb once or twice
To find the difference between the ripe and the foul

I wish wisdom and courage for us all
All I want to is return home when tired, not always
So do not bother to build me one
Since the flesh will weak
Help me to apologize me
Help me to apologize you


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