Dear Neruda

P.S : I found this quote across my Facebook Timeline, and here is my bitter interpretation if Neruda still is alive


But love without complexities and pride stays a true friend
Wrapped with a blunt degrading expression we regard as, "Friendzone"

FYI Neruda,
I wish I can carry your words for gut-wrenching heartfelt modern days relationship but we have been romantically corrupted
We are doing it for sex and pleasure
We are doing it for life security and financial obligation
We are doing it because they come from respectful background and I have almost zero interest but I just have to
For pride and glory
For remarkable impression of "look we are a bunch of happy people"
(For these reasons I would like to stick my fingers on my tongue and puke)

We are doing for some other reasons... but not love itself


Even though superficial things do not attract me
But somehow I want to see how much I am worth in his eyes
A diamond ring
A pearl necklace
A yacht ride, like Alicia Keys sings
I am the one untouched but I compromise too many times
I have been sitting on my knees for too long
Don't love because you feel sorry they say
But even the purest woman got hurt at the end
I wonder if he ever exists
Because the kindest of men have destined to be friend for life
I do not expect a diamond ring
A pearl necklace
A yacht ride
But only time and gesture I deserve


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