Bit by bit

Author's note :  I realise that Path statuses have been my word canvas lately, so I better save them here in my blog rather than having them lost from my updates

I am sorry that the basket is always full of cracking pebbles
instead of fruitful earnings of the day
I am trying to find the way the society never learns to discover
Giving more
Taking less
And here we are sitting inside the traffic jam for hours every morning
Then awaken by the bland taste of simple black roasted coffee
Inside a papercup with our names written on it next to smileys
It costs to feed one hungry kid on the street
Did you recognize what is simple before and then?
Keep driving away from the core as you may
Just be sure of your way home

Tailgating this early evening on these narrow roads
built for ever congested traffic
Blinding rear lights
High pitched sounds
I wish there was a fast train to escape this conversation I was forced to listen and acknowledge

I hope his arms are still opening wide because I am looking for a place to cradle
With him, every angle is a safe home away from foul mouth and bad attention
Nothing matters

This city consumes us by seconds, minutes and hours
We are having less and less as the more minutes are spent without nearest exit
We all just have to drive home
God bless our humane sanity and limited patience


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