A letter to 30 year old me

Dear Madam,

(Or if you would like to be called Madam. Because I know that you do not like how old it sounds.)

I am writing this from the corner of my bed.  We were 22 and had just resigned our job.  But we met crazy lovely people along the way and it was a blessing.

I wished I could write this, not as a blog post, but probably a letter saved inside a time capsule. So it will seem more dramatic.  But I do not have a time capsule right now because I am not a motivated person enough to have a time capsule with me.  I figured I have written many things from the past.  Things that I have accomplished so far to remind how much I have changed from somebody I was.

There are several light of hopes that I wish you always carry for the next 8 years.  This can be something that we will look forward to whenever we are sad or happy.  A reminder to always be positive, determined and happy.

By the age of 30, we should :

  • take one room at mother's house.  Set a new studying table and decorate nicely.  This will be our working station.  So no more self-complaining, "Oh, I do not have a room here anymore."  Yes, you have.  And I hope by that time Mom allows it
  • we either have published like 5 zines and one book.  No matter what publisher... no, the publisher matters.  So probably Kompas Gramedia or Bentang?  The bar's high right? Yes, I know we work much better under pressure
  • in terms of physicality, not too much... a toned and proportional body will do.  I hope by that time, we have or are going to register for Female Muay Thai tournament... probably
  • travel to Europe
  • write more poetry and stories... World is waiting to hear it
  • be finding a serious partner in relationship.  Someone you can count on.... but it is looking good, ey? ;)
  • Oh ya career! (I forgot to add this one) I do not know how, but we should write professionally rather than taking corporate job.  Or take five years maybe, or take as much time as you want to be self sufficient and leave... go travel... go write
Maybe there will be times you will feel sad when you read this because you have not accomplished some points by 30.  But there will be happy times when you find this post healing you in some ways. 

But what I know best about us, we are so much better under pressure!  So do not be afraid.  We will kill zombies.


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