I rode in between the gray clouds
Tried to find the silver lining above the land that is my home
Where the faces I used to see, have gone unrecognized
Where the calls I have made, have gone unreturned
Where I am just another face who got off the plane without notice
I am just a single traveller with multiple baggage
And I was running out of words to convince my origin
I just want to be home


I have never felt so uncomfortable having a warm belly in a sunny afternoon
Something about the sun, when it is at its highest peak
That makes me want to chase the ray until it fades behind the orange cloud
But instead,
I am laying my back against the confining wall
Sheltering myself as if it was rainstorm outside


I wonder what makes my body weighs twice as much as gravity when I return
Maybe it is the girl who is inside the framed picture with fuller cheeks and wider hips
She points at me
"Young lady, your face is bony and your waist is skimmed."
Her voice is like a disapproval and I respond with only poor anxiety


I am sitting inside my room trying to identify my favorite things which I have lost since I was away
My worn-out shoes are upstairs without a cabinet, so are my dresses
They form mountains of clothes on the ground as if forgetting themselves of ever being loved
My loved comics and story-book are inside a laundry basket
Few days ago, we drove around to some streets we knew
Our large candy shoppe is now nothing but a field of ruin
I realised how small the space which once I regard as large enough to store my all-time dearest sweets
How everything is never like what it seems


Nothing has ever been the same
Unless the tears are really starts to fall on my cheek
When I destroy my own crafted adornments with my bare hands
And be startled when it comes to join the piece back again
I hope the space that I am creating is for a better use


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