April's Fool

Dear April,
I have been a fool

All I have been seeing is entangled web
Of my emotion and thoughts
I thought they were extra-ordinary
Not until, I realized that it is just the way life is

The road I have been marching along is narrow
I have yet to see the bigger road ahead of me
I have yet to discover the path of the unknown
But the peebles on my feet were like giant boulders to my sole

When I look down to my dinner table, my plate is always full
When I look up to the ceiling, there are no holes on the roof
I look my left and right shoulder, to greet my Angels after prayer
That's how I train myself to be thankful

I want the whole universe in my hand
My eyes like to antagonize all the small beautiful things in life
Yet I know my arms and hand will never grow as big to catch them
So universe came to me like a sail of message bottle to the wide ocean
Slow, they came like little thousand ships sending flare to my direction

The moment they arrived at my doorstep
I was standing in front of the full length mirror in my bedroom
Having private conversation alone and naked
I was too busy correcting myself

Yet I could not help to gaze on the window's pane
The stray behind the shadow that leads me to other rooms next to my house
I wish to see the same broken reflection in the next room
I pretend they never matter, but they do
Thanks for the ball of worry that provokes me
I have created a demon within myself

Dear April,
This is a promise I shall keep
From this moment on
I will not be a devilish fool


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