MH370 as seen in spiritual perspective

[UPDATE : Officials confirmed that the flight is hijacked (15/3).  God bless the passengers and the crews.  But something smells fishy from here.  But then I still hope somehow it is an honest accident.  It is better be.]

It has been five days since MH370 departed and never landed.  Like other netizens and world citizens, I would like express my deepest prayer for the crew and passengers as well as the affected family and relatives.  It has been a rough time.

I found about the news, ironically, before my performance at Hello Poetry Vol. 2 + Pasar Mbak. I was very happy and heavy at the same time.  The first time I heard about the news was on Facebook.  MAS has released a statement around 7.30am and it was official the plane was lost. My heart sunk.  Imagined the worry of all the relatives and the family.  But at the same time, I accepted that, the plane would probably have the same fate as Adam Air Flight 574 and Air France Flight 447

I do not mean to be pessimistic, un-symphatic or sarcastic, but I am just trying to be scientific and realistic. 

As an avid NatGeo's Air Crash Investigation follower (that is probably the most appreciated and earned-knowledge I have about space and aviation science), I believe the accident caused by human error and misleading/unnoticed indication by the IRS.

IRS is an Internal Reference System.  In Adam Air 574's case, the IRS was turned to manual. Somehow the unnoticed indication had made the pilot missed out the fact that the plane sloped to one degree difference.  Drastic slope was occurred every second.  The pilot noticed the slope as it went 35 degree.  The pilot lost all the control after the 100 second, after it sloped 100 degree.   The plane was imbalance, disintegrated midflight, before crashed into the sea.

I watch Air Crash Investigation episodes regularly, there are many horrible scenes, but this scenario, I think is the most horrid.  I really hope that whatever happen to flight MH370, it would be less painful and horrifying than that.

This is such a shame because MAS itself has been a reliable air carrier and Boeing 777 is also very safe to fly with, and I believe that you have read this claim so many times if you are observing the news closely.  But I also believe on the statement.

In the end, it is fate.

If you see the reenactment of the crash of Adam Air 574 you will see how quick it is.  It will send you goosebumps.  It is like seeing a pedestrian ran over by a truck.  It is not a slow agitated death like a fire slowly consumed a house down, or a sick person on his/her bed dying.  We might not know how close is death to us.

Sadly, the public, the Malaysians, the Chinese, the family, friends and relatives have not been accepting the fate.  Probably they are emotional.  But I just cannot stand the news as they turn into anger and disappointment.  I think it is a useless waste of energy.

MAS itself, has been handling a good communication strategy.  I first thought, "Man, a plane down, the PR must have been having a very bad time."  Because I remembered Adam Air's PR during the similar crisis was almost non-existent.  When Indonesians found out about the news, what came to our mind was how unsafe it is to fly with local airlines, instead of praying together. Unlike the case of MH370, public were having hope and optimism.  That is because somehow MAS is still winning people's confidence by their honest coverage.

But that is just not enough apparently...

Public are demanding too much.  If only they know that the missing wreckage of Adam Air was found months after months from the incident and the official report was released a year after.  If they only know how hard it is to locate the plane's wreckage because there was no sufficient funding (turned out that there was a internal dispute within Adam Air management, but still the cost of search is damn expensive).

Officials and neighboring marines are trying to do their best.  So, why won't they appreciate it?

Probably, by saying this people will think that I am insensitive.  But let's say if one of my family members were on that ill-fated plane (God Forbid), of course I would feel extremely sad and emotional, but I do not think I am going to the extent from sorrow into frustration.  Because I simply know that there is no any other way except wait and pray.  I am not gonna be able to find the plane myself.  So, probably what I am going to do is to keep on praying to accept the fate--found or not found, dead or alive--maybe I am going to have some poetry reading and open mic event for the crew and passenger as an appreciation and remember all the good times that we all have.  Because I can not meet any objective until the plane is found.  I do not see a reason why the relatives from China or other countries should come to Malaysia to get more information. Like there have been not enough information in the internet and newspaper.  In the end, if they find the bodies then they will eventually carry it to their homelands.  The same thing when these crew and passenger are alive, (but I hope I am not rude to say that the chance is slim) they will go to their families.

All I am saying, there is nothing comfort you like the way you comfort yourself.

It is no use to pressure the press and rescue team, mock the irrelevant social media updates, or travel elsewhere unless you say to yourself, "Hey, I am going to make myself feel better.  I want to accept."

This reveals how terrible we are as a human being, aren't we?  We demand more.  We always do.

Let's say if I were to board MH370, and I was lost somewhere or the worst scenario (God Forbid), died--I want my family to think wise enough and have a reasonable amount of emotional extent to grieve.  Because, I believe that even soul of a dead person lives, and I will be sad and feel unappreciated if my family do not accept the fact that I am not living anymore.  It would just cause me a burden.  I could not talk to them, even touch them,  I would have no way to comfort them.  It could be even worse.  If you love a person so much, then let go...

All in all, I hope everyone who are affected or felt affected with the missing MH370 story be strong and be tolerant to any possibility.  Because there is no significant use of #PrayMH370 if you do not know what are you praying for.

P.S :  and let's pretend that the Bomohs never visited KLIA and exhibited their supernatural kind of prayers...


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