I was there : Hello Poetry Vol.2 + Pasar Mbak!

le teaser poster
credit to Senorita Zine
A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to read a poetry at her event.  I thought it was going to be an intimate event like the one we were having in November.  But instead, she created a promotional poster with my face on it.  It was for Hello Poetry Vol. 2 + Pasar Mbak.  

The event was held at Rumah Titi on Saturday, 8th March 2014 from 2pm to 12am, to celebrate The International Women's Day.  It was IWD but my female designer colleague and I were asked to come to work for a half day.  So much for women's empowerment!

It was a nice sunny noon when I came to the venue.  I have been there before and it was lovely to be able to go back.  Seeing the quirky artwork at Rumah Titi and friendly yet amazing hosts.  I spend most of my time alone and with others upstairs and downstairs.  I felt like I was at home, only with friends and people who likes to smile, respect your privacy and at the same time trigger a casual conversation.

Quirky artful space of Rumah Titi
I was happy that three friends from my college, Feby, DD and Stephanie were able to make a visit and watch my performance.  I also met Warni, Atiqah's sister who invited me to read my poetry, and was an organizer of the event that day.  I met mentors namely Jamal, Sheena and Ilya at the event day.  It was such an amazing time I did not want it to end.

I performed 2 poetries.  Supposedly I wanted to perform 3.  But then I took out the other two, because I did not think it was enjoyable to perform and were quite irrelevant.  But then, since I came 2 hours early, I managed to sit down upstairs.  So breezy because I only wear my dragonfly tank.   (Guys, I am wearing tanks in a public that shows how liberated I am these days.  It is not even for self-vanity or what.  I need to rebuild my shape!) Then I created one Indonesian poetry, and thankfully, the audience who were majorly Malaysians were happy and very appreciative of it.  They said they like how Bahasa Indonesia sounds... :) Terimakasih!  Thanks to our ancestors! I do not know who else to thank!

All in all, it was a good day.  I hope there will be cool event to come!

I credit these photos below to MIN : Muhammad Hassim Photography who is the official photographer of the event!

Oh, hey and don't miss this... probably my first publicity material.
I cannot believe it, normally I create these such things for client
And they create the one with my face!

Thanks Senorita Zine and Frinjan!
To all poets and audience and performers!  Lovely to meet you all! 


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