Heaven knows

Heaven knows,
How silky it sounds when you call me "fighter"
Instead of "darling", "baby" or "lady"
You convince me that I am a warrior of my own soul
A lioness by heart

Heaven knows,
How sultry I feel everytime I am unable to answer you
When I realise "fighter" is only another name for "darling"
It is just another word you whisper to emasculate me
And you
Are my first grey line drawn on the floor
A forbidden fruit harvested from the garden of Edenyou

Every bite I took are pleasure of paradise
They drove me away from the hell
So far away until, the word, "sin" was almost non-existent
Even though, it still exists in the eye of our God
We were blind
Like Adam and Eve
We would be banished from the Earth

Heaven knows,
How lovely it sounds when you call me, "fighter"
Instead of "lover", "sweetheart", or "my girl"
How succulent the evidence of you that lingers
While, here I am helpless
Collecting all that remains
Letting the intertwined memory of desire and crimes to awash itself


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