My Poetry Slam : Guardhouse

I did not make it into the top 3, but the point is poetry and I am so glad I stepped the stage.

Let me know once you have arrived at the guardhouse
I will come downstairs to collect you

So it was the end of our chat
Still saved on my phone by the screen days later

On a Sunday Afternoon
You said that you needed some rest
Out of my sincere, I was going to lend a space in
What you could not read from the back of my head is that I was happy to learn that time bent towards our conveniences
What I could read from the back of your head as I turned the key slowly in was that
There was something that you needed more than rest
And there was also a little less time that I could spare
Although I know that I was still stretching my spine tall
The sky outside was still bursting in orange and sober
It was not the time to bed yet

It was never the right time to bed yet 
Because the space in my room has not fully grown to accommodate me and you
It was still tiny for two
We are pulling apart
Gaining twice heavy before turning like gravity
Battling control like warlords against enemies
Defying our body masses over our slippery skins

Could not you feel all the weight you surrendered upon me?
They were awfully heavy.

It was not top or bottom, I wanted you to start
It was neither left or right, to know which part
It was neither my neck nor my lips, I wanted you to kiss
But instead steal a peck of my infatuated heart and turn my bad day into bliss

I could be happier if you just agreed
to stay in a little space that I was meant to save you
Drinking caffeine
Stealing a drag of nicotine
Eating foul carbs at midnight and all of those filthy habits we swore to avoid
But might keep us bright and happy

Because I am exhausted of questioning myself
With the same housekey I weigh on my open palm
Each time you tell that that you have arrived at the guardhouse


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