Mind, body and soul

Dear All, or should I say... Earthlings,

It has been the mid of February and I notice that I do not post that much compared to January. Last month I posted many raw poetry, and this month,  I was given a chance to enhance and perform them.  I just wish that there are more opportunity like this to come.

As I mentioned previously on my early post that I am kinda into reading Jiddu Khrisnamurti's stuffs.  I am currently one of his book, Think of These Things.  It is about spirituality, and to be honest, If I found this book like two or a year ago, I would find it extremely offensive or I might not get the idea at all.  Most of the times, I found myself to agree on what he's saying that freedom is really simple, and it makes me sad to see so many hatred that has been spread in our life.  Lies about religion and beliefs and raging wars by the name of countries and ideology.  That is something that I have been thinking a lot these days.  Now I finally accept, that all religions are teaching about the same good things to make the world in order, although there are different practice to make.  And now I feel pity towards those who force their ideology to be accepted and also to the victims.

The idea that Khrisnamurti brings to the book is pretty challenging but at the same time is delivered by a calm and soft manner, therefore, it triggers us to think and dig.  Because of that, I also happen to have a self-reflecting moment to myself, others and God.  I feel that I am gaining much more focus when I am praying and interacting towards other.  Though, sometimes, I feel like I have might been talking too much and I am afraid that I will annoy others.

This is also happening to me.  Somehow, I found it funny--that after all these years, I feel like coming back to my true self--a girl who has a plentiful hearts toward words and people, but still holding herself back because she is afraid to be ridiculed--but somehow, I need to remind myself, that hey that is OK--you have great open minded new friends and you are living in a large city--you are not friends with your old schoolmates anymore and you are not living in your hometown. So I am just going to be the best self that I can, without even trying so hard.  I am just going to be myself, and whether people like it or not, they have to deal with it or acquire some intelligence! 

Again, because of these constant thoughts and anxiety--I study more deeply about the relation between body, mind and soul.

A friend of mine said that human's bodies are actually a prison of the soul, and my mom was saying that, we should live like we are dying in this earth because the real reward is the afterlife--at first, when I heard both of the statements, I somewhat agreed with what they were saying--but now, as I think of it, I might have much reasons and tendency to confront it.

Because why would you limit yourself by making a prison or making your life as a living hell?

I, myself, think that body is merely a vessel.  It is not a prison, it depends on how you see it. For me body is something tangible, drivable and built to achieve whatever that you desire.  You can be a model, you can be a humanitarian, a politician, a thief, a poet, a corporate leader... by your body. It makes you able to do the things that you always want to do... and the soul is you.  It is what you are, what you feel, what you desire... sometimes it has a voice that is too liberated, you might think you are going crazy.  That is why, we are also equipped with a mind to absorb norms and value.  To guard our conscious before we are turning loose.  Religion could be one of value that can shape our mind, as well as political view, science, sexual orientation--there are many things.

So, if you know that you are born to achieve so many things in life...why do you stop?  It is like having a car with fastest engine but you only take it for a short stroll.

Being raised as a Muslim, we are taught to have a faith in the afterlife and the concept of hell and heaven.  We are taught that the life that we are living in is just temporary and the afterlife is a permanent realm.  I, myself, still have a faith on that, but somehow I find that, this is why religious people tend to be less generous to others and selfish because they are busy maintaining relationship with God--doing what they should be doing, and avoid what has been prohibited--it sometimes feels like a competition and collecting points between good or bad to God's judgement.
"Rubuhnya Surau Kami" (The Fall of Our Prayer House) by AA Navis depicts the idea of what I am saying.  The story is a about a person who was a devout religious but sent to hell anyway by God because he was being too ignorant about his surroundings, abandoning their families and relying everything by the hand of God.

This is what close-minded people do--This is why the wars based on religion and countries exist. If people care so much about their brothers and sisters of same beliefs and countries, then there will be aid, much aid to be sent to those who are affected.  Instead, we are roaring about other things, diverting ourselves from the current problem and creating another one.  We are constantly finding our ways to heaven, saving our own selves and our kinds--just to be rewarded, after that? what? to be pampered by eternal luxuries? Will you regret for not helping those in need, saving lives of others or do what your soul always want to do.  Do you know how God counts your bad and good contributions. How do you know the way He really judges us.  There are many do's and don'ts of a religious practice taken from each of our holy book that people nowadays are still interpreting... 

All in all, I believe that God is merciful and He just wants us to be happy and find our purposes in life, and religion is a value that should bind us together as civilized human beings.

So, what I have learnt is you need to make connection of your body soul and mind
Mind + body without soul = you are heartless, you are practically a robot
Mind + soul without body = no existence
Body + soul without mind = you knows no boundaries, that can lead to insanity... 
Mind + Body + Soul are what makes you human

And again this is an opinion of 22 year old (or 21 who is going on 22)... agree or disagree it is my take...


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