What it takes to mend

I will run along the path in the woods and live
I will camp amongst the beast when they are awake
When the day runs out of light
I will feel safer with hatchet in my hand
Cut branches and shall make a home
I will sleep safe and sound by the help of singing bugs
That bite my skin and drink my blood to dry
That later, save the best of my discarded flesh and scavenge on my bones

If running towards the jungle is
What it takes to mend
A half-scattered heart
I bear the challenge

Because I feel a lot safer than being consumed this idea of you
being part a monster and part a dream lover
I mistake your innocence for quiet savage
It is not your hands
It is just my mind
And those love song I listen
Love stories I read

I was only a girl who misinterpreted love, not anywhere near ready
Who now has a bridge to cross and left burnt behind

Jan 2, 2014
The first poem of the year,
and it is so depressing and sadly cliche

HAPPY NEW YEAR, loverbirds!
Something tells me to move on, instead of chasing
My time is over, HIS TIME is over
I am departing from the dock
Unleashing the chains of my anchor and starts to wander
and this footnote is also another poem


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