The Green Poem

Honey, wake up from your daydream
Out of all the wishes you aspire to seize in life
You won't be able to cross the oversea and the stream

When everybody tells you to grow your hopes
But do not grow this one

The roots are too strong
There is no way you can outgrow them
Not even the six feet hole you dig under the soil to bury the envy
Will match the bottom of the union has been existed before you

Ten years,
It was 2004 and it was the year you discovered you are a grown woman
But they both had been matured enough and sailed too far

Ten years,
And you are still fulfilling this obsession
Picturing the man who is always keeping you companied
Like plush toy you used to keep when you were a little
Most of them were holed out, and stitched
Because you had troubled to keep your hands away
They were filled with this idea you mastered with your conscious
That is imaginary

Life is abundant and too short to be wasted on fantasy
So help me, honey
To let them live
So that you'll live


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