Postcard from the Southeast : a poem

I bring the humblest present onto my feet
Beneath the soles I wear
I have stepped onto different soils
Three, to be exact
And if there is a chance to ask more, then I will

I yearn to listen to new stories
Ensnared by smiles that are broken if we look close enough
Over the lands that remind me much of home
And over the gratitude I have forgotten
Of all the gold we own and  think they would never suffice our life survival
Of the mother nature and its towering green wonders
Of the thousand-year old palace that remains as historic rubble that I stepped on
Of houses and lives I have swum across
Of all the torn wound I will no longer face

My breath haze of adventure
And I am left with dust particles circling in my lungs
I remembered when one cup of caffeine was never enough for a day
Though I am always a tea person,
But it does not stop me to let my nerves running
We filled our cuppa when it is dry

I yearn to listen to more tales
Of the other great lands I could only grasp from what I read and hear
From companions I met along until I reach home
There was time when the heat rises, the ice melts
But clinks of frozen beer glass over chat helps to mend

These are only some fragments of expression
I am yet to write for
The postcards from the Southeast
Which will be sent and travelled far from I have ever been
To people I miss the most
To send wish or simple greetings
As a reminder there will always time like this,
If not soon enough...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Jan 2, 2014
4.04 PM
behind my office desk


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