One Day to Await

If one day,
The faucet is caught open and the water overflows
I would rather swum across the flood and found the exit I should be finding the first time when I taught myself to dive

If one day,
Out of suspicion
They found me with heavy-eyelids, long face over the desk
Fingers jumping on the keyboards
My body is here, but my mind is somewhere else
Thinking about words and examining my surrounding
Strange language, commands and demands
And I am writing it down
Collecting all forms of expressed emotions
In letters
Which I do not bother to conceal
They are out in the open
Only if they care to find
Only if they lend their so much precious time to find

If one day,
The day the found the letters are true
Then, I would surrender
With as much as dignity I have left
And I will be fine

If one day,
The day I will be leaving remarks
I do not want to be missed
Because I have felt left already
Ever since all the Christmas frames taken do not consist of my presence
But one thing for sure,
They are losing the best one
I was not giving my all
Because I am proud
I have so much more


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