My Best Kept Secret

My best kept secret
is the biggest interest I have ever acquired
in the 22 years of my life
and I am about to embark into a grey line that I drew
and have sworn over not to cross it

My best kept secret
knows some of my stories,
but none of my unknown
Just like few things I have not yet to discover
from him
I am unlocked diary
Yearn to be read
My pages are not wide open
They are not flapping to attract those sympathetic readers anymore

My best kept secret
is not what I have ever imagined
When the first time a person lend me his and asked for my hand to hold
Later, a big hug to embrace
Later, a kiss
I have always felt a bit unwanted
But then somebody came along and wanted me this way

Though, I have always dreamt about a knight who stands under the rain
to pick me up to the ball with his white horse
The insane one who throws pebbles at my window
Yelling my name out despite all the risks that he dismissed
Or the pious poet who raced to send me love letters

I have been expecting the hero
And I could say my secret resembles a little
He asked me to stay left and walked close to the sidewalk when I strayed
Yet I feel no rippling rush when our skins touched
As he was dragging my arm to secure me
It was not the same beat as my heart which pounded
When you stole a look at those eyes you admired
Then came a captivation without even touching

I believed my best kept secret is the window
to whereabout I thought it never existed
But it is here
Right before me
Expecting a company for one evening movie on Saturday


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