Look around the corner : Kuala Lumpur!

This seems to be a late post that I should be sharing a week ago, but it seemed like I did not have time and I was so distracted by any other thing.  So it was a long weekend, a week ago in Malaysia.  We have consecutive public holiday and we were only working for three days a week.  
Last Friday, was a Thaipusam day.  My friend and I kept each other promise that we would go to visit the Thaipusam celebration at Batu Caves.  So I intended to wake up early.  I left home at 6am... and you know how dark it still is on 6am in Kuala Lumpur, in hope that I could be at the celebration around 7am.  The celebration starts very early.

So I took LRT Star to Masjid Jamek interchange and from there I continued my journey to the very end, Gombak with LRT Putra.  Because my friend promised me that she would pick me there, but I had a feeling that she was still sleeping.  When I went out from the station I found some busses with number starts with "BC...", so those are the bus that go to Batu Caves.  So I took them

A ride to Batu Caves

Green scenery outside...
When I arrived at the Batu Caves, the roads were blocked for the festival.  Car were parked everywhere (and they were told to pay RM 10 for parking, crazy). So here I was, the only Malay-looking girl in the place, I have never felt so estranged before.  Although it was only in my mind, because the people from the temple were kind enough to attend to me and give me direction to where the festival took place.

So I walked few meters down, following the crowd.  Some nearby temples were sending decorations out and the prayers in their bright yellow colors clothing.  I notice the girls were having a pot on the top of their heads which looked like filled by water, hot boiling water, because I could see from the face they made. The parade begins when the music played, the man with hook on their backs are dancing their way through.  There was also a blue man.  It was crazy.

the parade


I am not kidding you about the blue man

.... nor about the hooked man either
They also sold many interesting sweet snacks.  I called it colorful boggers, because they sticky, dense, colorful and sweet, it look appetizing but once you left them overnight.  It will harden and not so good to eat.  You better eat it quick!  It was 9.00am and I was having an Indian breakfast consist of roti tissue with curry... I insisted to eat those with condensed milk, however, they said. No... eat it with curry.... I was like okay, Sir.

Why couldn't I have this with milk?!

The colorful boggers I tell you about... not really, these are all big chunks,
there are the ones that look exactly like boggers, only colorful
The next day, was Saturday... another free day!  So I decided to go to the gym for Zumba and Spinning class, however I felt like not going to home very soon... so I thought of going for a walk at Bukit Bintang, but then I remembered of how much hassle I would have to go through, and I do not carry that much money with me.

But then normally, I always go straight to the LRT station which is always at the left side of my gym's bulding, but now I am turning to the right side.  Well, kids, I tell you all you have to do is seeing around the corner and be amazed of what you found.

It is a Maju Area, and they have numbers of prominent coffee shops and the street lights are amazing.  I was at the third level of Busana building and watching down to the road where I had my late lunch sandwich (it was 6pm).  Hour later, I walked further and I found a supermarket, Giant!  It is much more cheaper than supermarket I always go to in SOGO...  I was so happy.  When I was leaving, there was a street busker performing.  It was a good weekend indeed.  Except the fact that I paid RM 31 for nasi padang the next day for lunch....


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