Large blue sea

Before I knew that a woman's heart is a large blue sea
A quest sailor dreams of winning
Mine was made from quiet tide and silent stream
Only swing to the motion of the wind
Nothing deeper than a pool I slowly waded in
I have yet to sink in my whole leg
Nor opening my chest and drawn my gill-less body
Flapping both of my arms
Swimming forth againts the current
Head under water, dived into the darkest abbys
To the rocky oceanbed
And house of menacing creatures
I am not going to stay any longer
Because I know my way back to the surface
Because I like the way the sunlight strokes my face before I kiss the shallow water
Then finding myself in the middle of the peaceful dance from sea
And the water below me is clear to the bottom, I see

Now that I know, a woman's heart is a large blue sea
I am never be afraid of loving


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