What kindness means if he knows how to spell two thirds of my name
But I do not know any of his

Tell me what kindness means
If I sat far away from he was standing
Waiting for the moment his face turned
The moment when my pulse begun to race to every direction of my body
The body which he knows how much it weighs
Which is covered in rippled skin and complexion
Few cellulites on upper parts of arms and hips
And still I do not know how to spell his name

Tell me what kindness even means
If it means to sit there with my notebook open and blaring music
Seeking words to translate my emotion
Facing this mural wall that speaks of soft poetry and human strength
But I could not find any out of hundreds

Tell me what virtue do we hold
If we decide to put on masks like actors
And it begins again when
We are not comforting each other like friends

Tell me what kindness means
Eventhough I am not expecting anything
But science proves
What I give more is what I have less


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