The Day I Sold Myself to the Devil

The day I sold myself to the devil
was when she said yes to everything I asked
With the warmth she lured me in
Promises of gold that she had yet to offer

It takes me a year to outgrow my expectation and wish
I have learned I will not ever seek any gold or diamond to be kept inside the chest
Except for the one that I figuratively hold
over my rack bones and close to my ribs
The one which pulses and soon to convulse
When I am pushed over the limit
For reasons that make me cringe
The hypothetical heart that contains all of my emotion
That is now shrinking with damaged beat
Ever since I have not yet to refuse to stop feeding the devil's greed

I am a welcome mat to her feet
Whenever she steps from the outside after a rainy day
Her dirty feet grease on to my body

I am her purchased good, if that's she makes me think I am
But tell her that I am not

I am a human of independence
Not a slave to her endless needs

Because who the hell she thinks she is and what else has she granted me of
Except a mere fragment of survival and endurance

I take care of my own livelihood
All the happiness, sick, health, wealth, poor
Life and death

Yet the devil keeps harassing a woman
Who lives no more than half-of her age
Of her precious lifetime which she values more than others
As if this universe was made to rotate for her and her alone
Round and round it goes

I locked the eyes of the devil on one afternoon
The same eye I saw the other day when I sold myself
But the warmth melted and gone
Leaving only cold core on the surface

And I walked pass
Chined up
Showing no fear nor submission


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