On being a woman

P.S : I think some feminists would disagree with this

It is not being unthankful that leads me to pen these words down
but I just don't like to be born as woman
I cannot keep up the emotional capability that grows vast when you meet someone new on regular basis
Don't lie to me
Because that is why we raise the wall high
We are too protective of ourselves
Just because we have to

We are born as attractions in this man's world
Our breasts, our hips, our lips, our hands, our legs, and faces...
They are powerful, but aren't strong enough to rule

I am tired of hearing the words of encouragement by brothers and sisters
While, the fact that there are women out there who are hurt
of what they own
of what they have in their bodies
Their breasts, their hips, their hands, their legs, and faces...
Don't tell me that beauty isn't vain
But convince us

Don't define me from how I appear
How busty my chests are, how toned my abs
Don't judge me from 
the fairness of my skin
the silky raven color of the hair which I don't own

But instead judge me from my knowledge
how articulate and how fluent I answer to your questions
Convinced me that even I gan 10 pounds of muscles and fat, or drop down my weight to almost skeletal
When no men find it impossible to like and love
But please, find a reason to appreciate me of what I am

Because no matter how much I love to hear and shout
the words of encouragement and feminism
I cannot fathom the desire to be with a man who respects me well enough

I want an attachment of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental
Because something tells me that I could not make it
by having only
my breast, my hips, my face, my hair, my brain, my spine...

On being a woman, we are strong enough to survive alone
But being me,
I want to surrender


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