Gone Too Soon

To Mita Diran
My friend whom I long to, but have never met

I had known a little about the departed
But I heard that she was a young soul
Whenever her name was mentioned
The deepest grief dunked and sipped into my skin
Traveling through the most profound place in me
Through my blood cell
Then skips a beat on my heart
My vein convulses into bulge
It stays there at the right hand side of my brain
Where hers stayed and exploded that afternoon

I had known nothing about the deceased
But that Sunday afternoon
I needed to read the sign
The one that shook my nerve
The one that made my feet quavered 
I said, I wrote on my phone
That I wished I had a pen and paper with me
So I could dismissed the feeling that I encountered
So unusual
Yet, I was made to believe that sign

I had known nothing about her
But the loss is real and it is getting bigger each time her name was mentioned
It is like holding a message too long but never yet to be communicated
It is about souls alike that were parted in halve
and knowing they never returned
It is about everything that went too late

It is funny even for myself to think
that I mourn a lot for a person I have never met
We have never met
But I always feel like we were bounded
by words which are our armors
pen which is our best friend
even though, hers is stronger than mine

Dear friend, you have taught us
To scream loud whenever we are angry
To smile wide whenever we are happy
Laugh it our whenever we need to
Sob hard whenever we feel sad
Love most at the warmest embrace
We are learning to widen the dent of the spoon
So we can hold every taste in life

You teach us 
And we will carry your loving spirit forever
With gratitude and honor

I have never met Mita in person.  But I know who she was.  She was a preceding scriptwiter at an independent film club which I joined.  I felt like I was her passive successor.  I had not been very productive so were the kids who joined the club.  We had created a major disappointment.

But a while back, I came across her tumblr and social media account.  I can tell that she is a cool kid with personality.  I checked out her blog and her writing.  I wished to be like her.  I want to write for a living, just like she did.

This Sunday, 15th December 2013, Mita Diran passed away.  The cause was aneurysm, which was a medical term for vein explosion.  The one that happened inside her brain.  Triggered by over consumption of red bull and coffee to stay up for work.  She was a copywriter at Young and Rubycam. 

I feel like this is the right thing to do which is to pay tribute for her.  In a way that I can.

Eventhough it is unthinkable by many

You are loved by many, Mit :)


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