Ending 2013

Dear Earthlings,

 I am writing this post with the computer I borrowed from my hotel in Vietnam.  It has been an adventure to travel around Southeast Asian countries.  I always dream of crazy adventure now I have one, and luckily, I  do not have to search all the way to Europe or faraway continents.  Although, I really still want to visit parts of the world I have not yet to explore.  Just like most of travellers wish and do.

Anyhow, 2013 is coming to a close.  I hate for being sentimental about it, but this is one hell of a year.  I spent the first half of my year to fight for my living in Kuala Lumpur and the second half I spent to do whatever I liked.  I had never thought to join TEDxUbud, Ubud Writers and Readers Festival and this crazy trip.  What is more important than is I cannot count how many old faces that I reunited this year.

I do not want to look forward to imagine what 2014 be like, because for me it is just another day.  You just have to keep going, surviving and enjoy.  Cliche is a cliche but that does not mean it is less true.

Ten years ago, I was still 11 years old.  I was so young and had many ambition in my life.  I grew up in a small town but I kept my curiosity alive.  Was acting like a hipster by catching up trends and shits (who doesn't) but I learnt something from that.  I always have the urge to explore what is outside.  I studied about facts of other people and their culture, and once you get to meet new friends you will surprise yourself when you hear stories you can relate and verified facts.

More post about this travel will follow,

Happy New Year from Ho Chi Minh


  1. Omg so jealous! I haven't got the chance to travel around ASEAN! We must do it someday! Together! Meet in the middle! Woot!

    1. Happy New Year Uti, have a good one ahead! I'll be thrilled to have you as my travel buddy! If I have a plan then I will let you know OK! I am deadly serious, still pumped by travel adrenaline


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