I swear this is not going to be "Oh, December please be good to me" post.  This is a catch-up and summary of what I have experienced in few days.  

I finally had finished one manuscript!  YEAAAAY!  

I am so happy, not only I have achieved my goal but it helps me to let go things that I do not need in life.  Basically, the story is a fantasy that I have built in my mind and have wasted my energy for 13 years.  And, I am glad that it is finally over.  I am still contemplating whether to publish it or not.  On early chapters of the story, I had the strongest urge to publish.  I think the story starts very strong but then went nonsense later, even though I had a clear framework of what to write. Maybe I was rushing for the end of the month.  I started the idea of finishing the story by joining NaNoWriMo, the idea is to finish 50k story before the end of November.  Which I did by a week before it ended.

Even though my story is far from perfect, but it brings more positive side to me.  I am trying to write more for submission and a new manuscript!  The second manuscript is in Indonesian and I am pretty sure I'll be nailing this to be published! Amen, I hope so, finger-crossed!

The positivity also leads me to join a gym membership!

I think that 2013 will end in a very good note!


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