An outsider's eyes

Maybe I should bleach my skin
and speak in your tongue
If it is the only way you can listen to me
While you are busy confirming my existence
Based on the land of my origin
and the color of my skins, which you think is flawed
Only because it is a shade darker than yours
Or my eyes wide open as always
like unclosed pages of a book
Because I do not like hiding any secret and
I believe that is the way a human being should be

Well I hope you hear about the passing of Mandela last week,
and tell me, would it make any difference to you?

I think No!

Because your shouting is still piercing to my ears, despite of everything that I do right.
Even getting more triumphant when you discover flaws of mine

I am surprised that the fear and obsession long way bound and gone from Africa land,
is now arriving close
As close as where the neighbor is standing

Yet you mention plurality
and idea of unity

The Root that we have claimed and shared together is now corroding
Flaking apart pieces by pieces
But I refuse to be consumed by the hatred
Because at the same time you breathe me life
The only kind that mother can bring

I remember there was a white fellow walked into our circle
You welcomed him fine
Then maybe I really should bleach my skin so that I appear better
Changing the hue of my eyes like the color of the ocean or coral green
So that I can live secured and beyond
Powerful, even

I am not a part of this nation
But I know what colors yellow and brown are
These are the names that others will refer to us as
Why don't we bury the discrimination hidden and silent
Just like the way you ignore and deny me
Because nothing matters if you are defined by
All in your own
Despite of skin you wear
The tongue you speak


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