The Train Station

I knew I wanted to set the button around
So I could have a restart
When I saw you walking with your head straight as usual
With your white earphones on as usual
And before I could tell it was you, my heart is slowly beating before it descends ten thousand feet down the earth... as usual
And I did not say a word, because you neither would
Because I knew you would not see me the way I did, you will never see me the way when
heat rushes to your head
the sudden glow across your face
aggressive warmth from your body
an urge to curl the lips to a smile without no reason in front of public
even when you are not looking right onto a mirror you know they happen to you
Have you ever tried to read a signboard but the letters are jumbled?
Open your favorite book but you left it abandoned
Those feeling of the lack of self-control
Those poems, that you write for her without asking anything in return
The chats, some ends with answer but some do not
Gush and thrills
When you are answering on the corner of a quiet bookstore
a charming chat you begun with
"Hi I think I saw you at the train station earlier."


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