Every since day one, I knew I was captured in cage
Domesticated and ensnared
I had no black stripes on my white body but as far as I know I was the zebra
The clown in tight skirt and fitted blouse
complying of their satirical questions and doubts
Eyeliners, mascara and high heels are like spinning carousel of my morning and afternoon
I am trying to fit in, I do

But somehow as harder as it is, I am drifting into a place where I do not belong
I know I am not supposed to be irritated by their foreign tongues
Only once they forge me to speak it and understand... I know this is a whirlwind of complication of toleration?  But how would I accept if they show me constant refusal?

Dear, how long should I have walked the air on this tiny strip?
They put all the weight onto my shoulder that I thought I could have beared
And yes, I could...
But at the same time I juggle matters on my hand
And I only have two!

Ever since the first day, that day I sailed far and faithful
Only to learn that my destination was a complete circus


  1. WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I can't speak english , ,


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