Recap post : featured story, firework, cat, malacca and Malaysian Day!

Hi hi there Earthlings,

It has been quite a long pause in September to write. I am giving myself a credit for this post. This feels like going to a gym for the first time after so long. In fact, I don't really visit gym as often either. But a part of me insist of being discipline so here you go.

 I have not announced to you that my story is featured in one of Nulisbuku Project on July. The project is called "Kejutan sebelum Ramadhan" or simply translated as "A surprise before Ramadhan." It was released a week before Ramadhan and my featured story is not religious at all I guess. It is a story about female empowerment that I explain in a situation that all girls can relate to. Period. I am happy that "Menanti Merah" or "Waiting for Red" made the cut.

The package arrived in my Palembang home. Can't wait to unwrap it.

Next weekend was the long one. Thank God I could spend it with having quality times with awesome friend. So, starting from Friday, I finally got what I had been craving for which is a Salted Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks. Moving on to the next day, I went to Putrajaya to visit the Firework competition in Precint 5. I was with my usual Cyber babe, Tantri and with Uci, she is my highschool friend who was having an international eco-youth conference at UKM. She was free on weekend and chimed in with us. Last Saturday was China team who displayed their 30-minutes firework. I did not take pictures, since my note was running out of battery and it felt better to feast the eyes.

We would like to come for the next day, because Disneyland from USA was scheduled to display their fireworks. However, we didn't go. Before the firework, we went to visit Cat Convention. Yes, we might sound desperate but bitches adore cat and I finally saw a real bengal cat (picture below). After all these while, I only managed to see them in youtube. 

The glorious Chinese firework to feast the eye at Putrajaya Firework Festival 2013.

 Adorable bengal cat sleeping

The next day, Uci and I went to Malacca with the rest of their ASEAN Youth friends. It was exciting because it was a roadtrip consist of eating and sight-seeing. I made new friends from many nations, Malaysia, Brunei, The Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. We visited usual tourist places like Dataran Pahlawan and Jonker Street. I wish I could taste the chicken rice ball again but the time was limited since we travelled in group. Anyway, it is nice to be back in Malacca again. It is always a good trip to Malacca.

Wonderful friends from ASEAN countries

The next day, Uci and I ventured for the last time before she went back to Indonesia. So we decided to spend the day watching Japanese Film Festival in MidValley. I planned to catch Ken & Marry but the ticket was sold out, so we watched Detective Conan instead which was pretty standard, and goofy... the love plot is so goofy. Fun fact, before the movie started, all audiences were asked to stand up and sing "Negaraku". I swear that was the first time it happened to me. Uci asked me if this is an everyday scene happening in Malaysia's theater. I said no, then I remembered that day was the 16th September which was Malaysia's Day. So it was only for that occasion. As a good global citizen of course we supported the Malaysia's Day and awkwardly joined.

Malaysia's cinema playing national anthem

So that is the rest of the weekend goes. I hope this is good enough to catch up. I hope I can continue to write "Project Beirut" more frequently as for now I am quite content by... playing LINE's I love coffee. That game is getting more and more interesting each level! Damn. This is bad.

And I want to say thank you for those who visit my blog. My statistic reported that many visit my recent post about Hello Poetry. Thank you so much. It was a great event. Thank you for Senorita Zine for the event, I hope I can join more Hello Poetry event. Actually I have heard about "Malam Tinju Puisi" at Rumah Titi, but I did not think it is relevant for me to join because I know less about the topic which is democracy empowerment in Malaysia. Anyway, wishing everybody involved a good luck for the event.

...and brace for Monday people!


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