Human Relation

Why human relation matters?

Mostly, youth are careless about maintaing relation to each other. I really do not know where should I start this post, but yes, that what I have concluded. I have many things to pour in my mind but less space to put it down. That is as far as I have assessed. Okay, this is going to be an unstructured blog post I guess. I am quite emotional about this, so let me think through while I am writing it down.

I have been blessed to know so many people in my life. Those whom I meet in person, or those whom I meet online. I am a shy person, an introvert, but I notice there is a part of me that would like to be exposed for certain things that I passion for, such as writing. I hope to meet many people who shares the same aspiration. Like today, I befriend a blogger which I only come across virtualy. Her name is Uti and her blog address is here. I found her from blog-walking in random boring workday. I find that she and I are almost alike. We are Indonesians who blog in English, she loves all kind of fictions and apparently, our stories have been included in one book project by Nulisbuku called "Kejutan Sebelum Ramadhan." What a chance right?! And just about now, as I am writing this post, I found that one of volunteers from UWRF 2013 was actually, again, a person whom I collaborated in the same Nulisbuku Project. Last Saturday, I headed to Rumah Titi for Hello Poetry. It feels wonderful to be surrounded by passionate people. Sometimes, I think to myself, why do I need to share these stuffs? Is it simply putting off with my ego? I am a very selfless person to be honest. A kind of abnegation from Veronica Roth's Divergence. The thing is I am surprised that I have walked this far. I used to be very scared of everything. Rejection. Judgment. People. 

Sometime I think to myself, that perhaps I have a busy-body quality. Lately, I picture myself as that auntie who likes to greet her cousins in Facebook, but I do it to my old friends on Path or everywhere. I start to chat those whom I want to know their recent stories. Some people might find it annoying, but I find it liberating, and unknowingly I feel less lonely. Because I realise I have build a human connection. I construct what I have been missing for all these years, what had made me bitter and unhappy. 

Just like everybody, I liked to forget a meaning into everything I said and done. I was a bad friend and bad listener. I was immature. But I pledge that I am going to improve better.

It made me think a lot of those, by those I mean friend, who treated me badly. They are not just friend, as in acquaintances, but friends... friends... I do not mean to judge but simply this is the reality. Even your friends unknowingly can devalue your friendship.

Some facts that I hate from them are :
- Being indecisive about making a promise, more like avoiding it
- Looking for you when they want something, maybe when the whole gang disappeared and they need someone to hang around
- Those who cancel appointment without courtesy.

We need to learn that they are not mature enough. I used to rely on those friends, but now I realise as we grow older and gone separate ways, nothing else matter except our confident, focus and determination.


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