A Zero Point

I think there is always a zero point, no matter how far you have walked, a point where you feel something in your life is not complete. I am talking about my writing. I love writing and aggresively, I want to say that I want to say that I want to be recognised by it. Some says, do not do things that you love but instead do things that you are good at. It is a torn between ego and vanity, whether I am just good, very good or not good enough at writing. I compare myself with people who writes, whether it is a random blogger I find in the internet, close friend and relative. I have never grown a sense of competition in my life, and I find it in writing. Right now I believe nothing is ever too much. I used to be envious towards everyone of what they have achieved. I was childish and juvenile, but it is true what people say, one might feel jealous because secretly they want it too. It was such a bad attitude I developed in disguise. So, 'nothing is never too much' is not just being said, but something that has been experience by someone like me. Writing is what I want to do and I am not afraid to show it, because If I don't show it, I feel like I am going to be miserable like what I experienced in my past. I am still trying to forgive my past for not trying so hard, but somehow it is still there. Is it my ego or vanity?

Ego or vanity?


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