The Secret Sad life of Mrs. Autumn Halls

Part 1

Never occurred in her head that after 12 months upon meeting Wade Halls, Autumn Harper was going to take the man's last name. If it was not for her selfless being, she would stand a little longer in front of the giant mirror. Long enough to admire how the white gown hugged her curves and held her bossoms perfectly. If it was not for her selfless being, she would not think that there are many prettier brides out there.

"There might be." she mumbled as she expanded the ruffles of her skirt. Then she crooked her lips and speak a little louder as if to convince any person that is present, who was only herself, inside the bridal room "I am pretty. I am pretty." she said, more faint than a whisper.

Autumn stepped out of the bridal room and to the back of the giant door, where her father, Mr. Harper stuck out his elbow whilst hiding his weep. 

"You look pretty, baby girl." he placed a kiss over her narrow forehead.

She glanced at him and welcomed her father arms. Her heart was racing fast although there was no wedding bell ringing. But, it begun to stomp when the first string of the guitar was being plucked. Then the second time, the third time... Autumn begged God to make her feet steady.

The door opened. Her brown eyes gleamed with the warm light from afternoon's sunshine. Mr. Harper realized that his daughter actually has a soft dark brown eyes, which is very unlikely of The Harper. But, he had been making Autumn understand of their obvious differences. Of her tan complexion, of the narrow eyelids that blanket her big fierce eyes and her jet black hair that she bleached into auburn. Ever since Autumn was 15, his wife and him had made her understand that they loved her no matter what. That they loved Wade no matter what as their son, for accepting the miraculous gift of their life as his consent and beloved long-life partner.

Now, the strum of the guitar was made complete with percussion and resonance of triangles. The melody got even inviting as if they wanted Mr. Harper and future Mrs. Hall to appear in the aisle. So, they were. Strolling down the white silk carpet that was covered with pale pink rose petals.

Autumn clenched her father's arm as more and more crowd revealed alongside their path. Mr. Harper understood how frightening it is for his selfless daughter  but she did not know how she was deserving too. Autumn had stayed quiet for most of her life. Hiding under her massive spread of insecurity. She did not know she was pretty until Wade told her so and Mr and Mrs Harper had never seen their daughter so happy until then.

The man was standing in the end of the aisle, with glimmer on his deep blue eyes. To Autumn's eyes, there was no other man born as perfect as he was. Mr Harper gave a soft peck on her cheek before he handed Autumn over to the more deserving man of the evening, who stood almost godly in tailored champagne-color tuxedo.

Stood before them is an officiator from the Universal Life Church, whom Mr. Harper was good friends with. He was asking if the jittery couples were ready. The confirmation came with single nod and whispering answer from Wade, "We are." he answered as contemplating closer to his bride's brown eyes.

"I am no believer in tradition, so I am starting my vow first," Autumn said confidently followed by thundering claps of hands and playful titter from the crowd. "I am also quite of a brainiac so, I am not going to read from a piece of paper. It is all in here," she pointed to her head before clasp her palms tight on the groom's. "I got this."

"You got this," Wade leaned closer to her for support. So close she could see those beautiful fluttering rich golden eye lashes shading her cheek whenever he was near, and he smelled like a man should too, a fine brisk winding from the woods.

"Wade Avery Halls," she pronounced his name as she meant it. "I am so lucky that Grace did not send anyone but you to open her Brooklyn house's door. It could have been Roger or Stuart, but it somehow, instead, was you. I said I am no believer in such tradition, but I am believer in signs. I was no believer in love either. I just believe that love is invented as an excuse to take sexual advantage of an opposite attraction, which is clearly inhumane and sickening as we don't want it to be. But it turns out, I was wrong. You resurrect the definition by just being you. I was heavily infatuated upon the first days of meeting you, and like I said I am no traditional girl so I tried my very best to get to know you... so hard that Ida, she once said I need to stop from seeing you," she paused jokingly before glancing to the blonde hair girl lined in the beginning of the bridemaids row, who sticks her thumb down when the crowd boo-ed her.

"Okay, okay, fellas... Calm down," Wade chimed in.

"...But Ida has been a great friend though," Autumn continued with burst of laughter, "and yea, I did not take her advice and kept seeing you everytime I could. Wade Avery Halls, the reason I love you is you have been giving me heartbreaks but you return them all with strength, courage and greater compassion. It was our first time in New York, enslaving ourselves for professional money, and you have been there watching me through ups and downs. I hope I have done the same too, and I will be grateful to share the whole adventure of my life watching after you through thick and thin. I love you."

There was a sudden urge to kiss the groom's lips but she knew the vow exchanges are not finished yet. As she leaned closer, the officiator hummed as to reminds the groom to

"Autumn Mary Harper," he said the bride's full name in astonishment. "I have been preparing a full-length vow for you, but I don't believe that it is something to compare to yours." 

He took out a piece of paper from his suit's pocket and tears it to pieces. The crowd followed with shock, and his bride gaped in surprise. His hand clawed even tighter onto her palm. Wade shook his feet and than his head to release his nervousness.

"Autumn Mary Harper. My warrior princess. My stunning heroine." he repeated and continued heartily  "No man is ever deserving of such vow. I am very lucky to have you designed it for me. As your feminist and brainiac side would repelled this, but you have to remember, for the fight you have been through, I am always willing to fight more. For all the love that you give, I will always love you more. Because you are nature is to be loved, honored and respected by a man and that would be me who will handle you at your best and at your worst. I have been feeling lucky enough to be able to steal you from the dancefloor against Chad Murray on Grace's wedding night." 

The crowd bursted into laughter and then silence again after Wade had taken a longer pause.

"... Or else I would miss another chance to be with you. Another coffe break after hours. Otherwise you would say no. Because I could tell inside your eyes that you have had enough, and that was my fault for being an insensitive man."

"Oh, honey..." Autumn cupped her groom's jaw with her hand as she sees his man's glassy eyes.

"... And may that will never ever happened again. The reason that I love you is that..." he pauses for a second and stares at his bride anxiously, "is that..." he sighs, "do I need a reason or a condition to love you? I love you more and more...."

"Oh, Wade." Autumn murmured as his thumb reaches for her wet cheeks.

"Will you, Autumn Mary Harper, take Wade Avery Halls to be your husband, to promise to be true to  him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health to love and honor him all the days of your life?"

"I will."

"Will you, Wade Avery Halls, take Autumn Mary Harper to be your wife, to promise to be true to  her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health to love and honor her all the days of your life?

Before answering, Wade swings his bride to his embrace and then answers enthusiasticly, "Hell yes, I will!"

The next thing that Autumn felt were the ring clasped onto her finger and  her spouse's  fine lips collided over hers. It was just as passionate as it was. Over his shoulder she saw a flock of pigeons being released free to the air and more petals raining over her head. She picked some which falls over Wade's jacket.

It was the few first seconds after being Mrs. Autumn Halls and she felt triumphant. 


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