A month to remember

Dear Earthlings,

It has been a while since I haven't greeted readers properly. It is July now and for some of us, we are practicing Saum or Ramadhan fasting. I wish you all have a joyous and meaningful month. Mean everything you do and everyword you say. I hope we all cleanse our souls, not just our body and earn all goodness by doing good as much as possible this month. I'd take this month not only as a religious obligation but something that is spiritual. I believe there are many believers out there, who fast, because they have to, but little less they know is that there is something beyond on this.


It is July 2013. It means that I am year behind of these events :
- Meeting and attending booksigning of my favorite author
- Graduation!
- Watching The Kooks Live!
- Going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (alone).
- Last year's Ramadhan
- Unemployed!
- Writing an unfinished novel with very obscene sexual description!

I cannot believe that it has been a year and last year's July has been very good. I got to spend the fasting month at home doing nothing, which is something that I have missed since 4th grade.   Attending school used to be not compulsory during the month of Ramadhan back in the late 1990s. It felt like victory! Until, well, they asked us return back to school.

I remembered when both my maternal grandparents were alive, we would buka puasa, sahur and tarawih, or perform Saum activities together. We would gather at their house, and stayed for night, that was towards the last day of Puasa. The complete gathering was somewhere around 2000 before my grandfather passed away in 2003.


I am grateful enough to be able to enjoy the fasting month again although having it in different setting. Not in Palembang, not in Cyber but in the heart of KL. It is very hard because I hardly find any food stalls around my house, whereas, in Cyber I would just go downstairs with my friends and having sahur in any of those in-house food stalls. Oh now how I miss my friends and family.

As you see, I am back with writing. I mean real creative writing and story, although it is not the best story, I don't care I will write anyway. I hope everything goes well. Last year, during Puasa, I wrote this very weird story which I think I have the potential to finish it as a novel. I was so determined that I cannot remember anything that I do during the whole month except writing and depressing over that darn thing. I was unemployed and almost turning insane because of my anxiety that I pour into those 130++ over pages. I told my friends that I am gonna be a writer someday, well, it is still true.

Anyway let me continue this day ahead with work whilst weeping the fact that I still miss my family and friends and want the comfort back.


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